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Mobile Training for Village Weavers

The skills of traditional weaving are learned from mothers to the young girls in many villages but the number of skillful weavers decreased drastically during the civil war. So young generation in the villages like to learn more patterns and improve their weaving skills. In 2009, based on the requests from the village weavers, CYK … Read More

Natural Dye

The following natural dye are used for weaving. Chat Leaves Chongreak Ebony Fruit Indigo Lac Prohoot Annatto seeds Weaving Textbook “Khmer Weaving” Khmer weaving skills and traditiions are in the hands of skillfull weavers and not many records of the work and products.  In order to develop  training  manual and keep the record of weaving skills, … Read More

Community Pre-schools

For more Children to have Chance for Learning Education is a basic human right and an essential factor for poverty reduction. Education has the potential to change the world to be a better place. And if we invest in education now, we will reap the dividends later. The Royal Government of Cambodia recognizes the importance … Read More

Partnership with Local NGOs

The recent urban growth has been expanding a gap between the rich and the poor, especially in Phnom Penh.  The parents of children who enrolled in these community childcare centers are mostly very poor.  They work as factory and construction workers, motor bike taxi drivers and small business traders.  The living situation and environment of … Read More

Government Pre-school Supports

1. Childcare Materials Development and Production In 2008, CYK got assistance from Japan’s Postal Savings for International Voluntary Aid and cooperated with the ECCE department of the MOEYS to print the pre-school teachers’ guide books on poems and riddles and Khmer consonant posters which was requested from the department. CYK also support ECCE department to … Read More

Community Childcare Centers Operation

Sustainable Operation and management of childcare centers by the community In Cambodia, the number of pre-school is very limited, and 25.5% of children of 3-5 years old can access to pre-school education (Education Statistics 2010/2011 EMIS, MoEYS). We think the human and total environment for early childhood is greatly important and fundamental to their physical … Read More

Ms. Sar Malay

I’m Sar Malay, born July 17, 1965, widow. Now, I’m living in Beung Kyang village, Beung Kyang commune, Kandal Stung district, Kandal province. I’m a child minder of Beung Kyang Childcare Center. It’s 19th year to work here as I stared working since it was opened in 1994. I have two sons. My first son,Sok … Read More

Ms. Duong Saret-TS cloth ball sewer

May mane is Duong Saret, 36 years old and my husband is 34 years old. He is construction worker. I have four children. First is girl, 12 years old, grade 6 student. Second is boy, 10 years old, grade 2 students. Third is also boy, 3 years old. And the last one is girl, 1.5 … Read More

Ms. Keo Nheb

My name is Keo Nheb, born on February 20, 1973. I was a member of BK supporting committee for 3rdmandate, 2009-2011. In 2009, one child minder was resigned and it’s difficult to find new child minder so I voluntary to be a child minder of Prey Tatouch Childcare Center in Prey Tatouch village, Beung Kyang … Read More

Ms. Rin Simon

I’m Rin Simon, born on March 15, 1978. I’m living in Beung Kyang village, in Kandal province. I have been working as a childcare teacher of Beung Kyang Childcare Center since 1994, 19 years. My husband is a farmer. I have two daughters. My first daughter, Pheng Nisa, 12 years old and the second, Pheng … Read More

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