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Two Village Preschools were Handed Over in 2020

After three years support from Caring for Young Khmer (CYK), the two village preschools in Kraing Leav village, Prey Pouch commune, Ang Snuol district, Kandal province ad in Prey Chro village, Kbal Teuk commune, Teuk Phos district, Kampong Chhang province could be handed over the responsibility on their operation and management to their supporting committees … Read More

New Opening of Tropean Pring Village Preschool

On 11th June 2020, with the cooperation from Kampong Chhnang POE and Teuk Phos DOE officers, CYK staffs have met and discussed with committee members at Tropeang Pring village on the construction of building for new village preschool in Mattapheap Primary school located at Tropeang Pring village, Aphiwat commune, Teuk Phos district, Kampong Chhnang province … Read More

Follow up at Handed over Village Preschools

After officially handed over the responsibility on the operation and management of three village preschools in Kandal and Kampong Chhnang province, CYK adviser and childcare team conduct the follow up and evaluation on their continue operation and management, especially the cooperation for their sustainability. In November 2020, with the cooperation from Kampong Chhnang PoEYS, the … Read More

Childcare Materials/games Distribution for Preschools

In 2020, with the financial support of Yu-cho Foundation and the cooperation from Kampong Chhnang POE and and the cooperation from Kampong Chhnang POE and Chul Kiri, Teuk Phos, Kampong Trolach, Kampong Leng, Boribo, Kampong Chhnang and Samaki Meanchey DOE officers, CYK conducted a workshop on “the usage of childcare materials and game”, (picture books, … Read More

Support from Family of Mr. Lim Hok Chhourn

On 23rd Dec. ’19, according to the request from Kampong Chhnang PoEYS and Rolear Bier DOEYS, CYK conducted the survey at Thnol Tasaeng village, Svay Chrom commune, Rolea Bier district, Kampong Chhnang province to learn the situation and the possibility of school building support. About 50 Parents, village head, commune leader, CPS teacher, primary school … Read More

Capacity Building for VPS Teachers

On 22nd June, CYK staffs have met and discuss with officers from Kampong Chhnang POE and Rolear Bier, Teuk Phos, Kampong Trolach and Chulkiri DOE on the program of 10days special training for village preschool’s teacher and Commune Council Member in Charge of Women and Children (CCWC) members, explain the edited curriculum that include CYK’s … Read More

The Provision of Supplementary Food for Children

To attract children to school every day as well as for their physical and mental development, Caring for Young Khmer (CYK) provide supplementary food for them as below: Snack is provided every day, during break time. Boiled eggs and soya milk are provided twice every month. All CYK’s supporting village preschool children in Kandal and … Read More

Monthly Monitoring and Teacher’s Technical Meeting

The monitoring and teachers’ technical meetings is conducted once every month, except during long vacation of Primary School in September and October, by CYK childcare advisor and childcare project team at all CYK’s supporting village preschools in Kandal and Kampong Chhnang province. And with the cooperation of the DOE officers, the monitoring is also conducted … Read More

Tropeang Krosaing Community Library

In order to support children and the villagers of Trapeang Krasaing where CYK’s weaving training center is located, Caring for Young Khmer (CYK) supports the community library in Tropeag Krosaing Community Learning Center since 2014. Even though the weaving project was ended at the end of June 2020, CYK still continue working with librarian to … Read More

Local Support for Preschool Building

Kraing Leav village preschool was opened in November 2017 with the cooperation of Kandal POE and Ang Snuol DOE officers and local authority in the village. First, it had used Sala Chhor Tean (free space for Buddhist ceremony in the village). In 2019, according to the request of teacher, parents and local authority, they ask … Read More

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