Cloth Doll and Ball Workshop for Parents

CYK offered the work of cloth ball and doll sewing regularly for its supporting village preschools’ parents to generate their income so that they can contribute to childcare center and village preschools for their children every day; and also supports teachers by providing this sewing work to earn extra income as well since 1996.

The cut cloth for the cloth ball and doll are from “Nuno Chokin” program that volunteers in Japan cut and send us with donation for supporting parents, distributing to children and buying materials such as cotton, woolen yarn, elastic and button.

CYK conducted the workshop on “How to sew cloth ball and doll” for poor parents and teachers of CYK’s supporting childcare centers and village preschool in Kandal, Takeo and Kampong Chhnang provinces; and provided them the monthly work of this cloth doll sewing.

In 2020, CYK invited Ms. Ouch Bora, BK community preschool teacher from Kandal province to teach parents at Kampong Basrov Tbong village, Chul Kiri district on 4th August and at Bak Phnom village, Kampong Trolach district, Kampong Chhnang province on 10th September 2020, on “How to sew cloth doll”. Total 8 persons attend the workshop.

The sewed cloth ball and doll were distributed to children of public preschools, community preschools, childcare centers, etc. and CYK’s supporting village preschool in Cambodia. Children love those cloth balls and dolls very much and are happy to play them.