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Opening Ceremony of Scarf Weaving Skill Training Course at ABIC

According to the strong request from ABIC (Angkor Ban Indigo Community) members, CYK asked for the assistance from JICF to organize this training course for the second time for 40 days for six members. And the opening ceremony of scarf weaving skill training course was held on 1st Aug.’17. In the training period, all members … Read More

Closing Ceremony of Pidan Weaving Skill Training Course For Preservation and Revitalization of Hol Pidan; Pictorial silk ikat

On June 30, 2016, the closing ceremony of the Pidan Weaving Skill Training course was held with the participation of representative from Non-Formal Education Department, committee members of Community Learning Center, trainer, four trainees, staff of weaving center and CYK office staffs. In the closing ceremony, the trainer reported the process of training, pattern learned, … Read More

The Opening Ceremony of Pidan Weaving Skill Training Course

With the continued support of Friends of Khmer Culture, Inc., CYK can continue another course of Pidan weaving skill training for four skillful young weavers in 2017. The opening ceremony of the course is on April 24, 2017. CYK’s director, four committee members, trainees, trainer and project staffs attended in the ceremony. In this course, … Read More

The Exhibition on “Cambodia Traditional Pictorial Silk Textile; Preservation and Development” at the National Museum of Cambodia from January 11 to April 11, 2016

Hol pidan is a very special elaborately designed pictorial silk textile. It symbolizes the profoundness and excellence of skills of Cambodian ikat weaving. It is distinguished from other silk textiles by its design of narrative scenes, which often relate to Buddhism. However many antique pidans have been destroyed or taken away overseas and there are … Read More

Repairing Community Learning Center’s Building

CLC building has been built more than 10 years. Now it is getting old and dangerous for community people, weavers and CYK staff when we worked in this building. Under the assistance of ILBS, this building was repaired. All weavers and staff felt safety and convenience for their work.

Graduate Follow-up

On 2 September 2015, weaving project manager went to follow weaving skill graduates in Samroang district, Takeo province near Chiso Mountain. Ms. Sao Sopheap is the one who is successful in continuing her weaving skill to support her family. She can complete making warps 15 looms for small scarf and 5 looms for silk cloth … Read More

Follow-Up of Indigo dye Practice

The year of 2013 is the second year of Indigo dye Training in Konpong cham. After the 1 month training of indigo dye making and actual dying practice, the seven participants in the community are eagerly practiced the assigned work of cotton dying for four months. By practicing regularly, all of the participants could get … Read More

Pictorial Ikat Silk Training Course Completed

CYK organized Pidan, pictorial ikat silk training course for three months from April 2014. Four skilled young weavers participated it. They learned different patterns of traditional pictorial ikat silk weaving in three months. The most difficult and time consuming  part of producing Pidan is tying complicated patterns. In this course, their  assigned pattterns have  59 … Read More

New Natural Color Combinations

CYK tries to dye various natural colors and new combinations of them with pale color background.  Recently many beautiful color combinations were created. Weavers tried new way of dying with traditional Khmer ikat patterns.

An Exhibition of PIDAN, Traditional Pictorial Ikat Silk

CYK started Pidan Exhibition at the Insider Gallery of Intercontinental Hotel in Phnom Penh on April 24, 2014. Twelve pidans are exhibited this time.  Most of them are CYK’s graduates’ Works. CYK conducts Pidan course of three months for advanced weavers at the weaving training center in Takeo Province. Weaving Pidan Article also published on … Read More

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