Category: Weaving

Natural Dye Trial

Since 2011, CYK has been organising  Natural Dye Trial program for promoting natural dye technique to the visitors who are interested in natural colors. In  March, there are two groups of  visitors of  natural dye trial. On 6 March, three visitors from Germany and Japan came to attend  natural dye trial at CYK’s weaving Training Center … Read More

Weavers’ Vist to Pidan Exhibition at the National Museum

“Revitalizing Khmer Treasure Pidan: Pictorial Ikat Silk “ is being held at the National Museum of Cambodia. Pidan is very special, elaborately designed traditional pictorial silk ikat textile which has been used for decorating over Buddha statue in pagoda and praying for good health. After the civil war, Pidan Hol has been reviving. Though Pidan weavers … Read More

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